Zero Robotics High School Tournament 2012 (ESA Only)
08 September 2012, 13:00:00 EDT
18 December 2012, 18:59:59 EST

Zero Robotics High School Tournament 2012 (ESA Only)

September 08, 2012

The 2nd European Space Agency Pilot for Zero Robotics takes place from September to December 2012. This year the tournament is open to teams from all 19 ESA Member States (listed in the Official Rules below). The ESA Pilot will join in parallel with the USA Tournament.

The ESA tournament has specific rules for eligibility and application of European teams, presented in the Official Rules below.


The Zero Robotics High School Tournaments are held every Fall to open the world-class research facilities on the International Space Station (ISS) to high school level students (equivalent to US grades 9-12, approximately ages 15-18). Students will actually write programs at their High School that may control a satellite in space! The goal is to build critical engineering skills for students, such as problem solving, design thought process, operations training, and team work. Ultimately we hope to inspire future scientists and engineers so that they will view working in space as "normal", and will grow up pushing the limits of engineering and space exploration.

The participants compete to win a technically challenging game by programming their strategies into the SPHERES satellites. The game is motivated by a challenging problem of interest to DARPA, NASA and MIT. The programs are "autonomous" - that is, the students cannot control the satellites during the test itself. The tournament progresses in phases from 2D to 3D, gradually increasing in difficulty.

The USA and ESA tournaments are practically the same tournament, as competitors of both tournaments participate in the same steps of the competition until the top teams reach the finals where they see their software operate the SPHERES Satellites aboard the International Space Station. The only difference is that after the 2D/3D elimination round, ESA teams for alliances (groups of 3 teams) composed of teams from Europe while USA teams join other teams in the US. When the finalists reach ISS, ESA teams have an ESA final and USA teams have a USA final. Both finals are webcast live to MIT (for USA) and an ESA location within Europe (for ESA), with astronauts aboard the ISS refereeing the final competition.

Student teams can create, edit, save and simulate projects online. They may use a graphical block diagram editor or a C editor to write code, then simulate their program immediately and see the results in a flash animation. MIT provides the simulation and C programming interfaces via the Zero Robotics website--no special software is required. The simulation also enables teams to compete against themselves, against pre-coded standard players and challenge other teams informally; students have ample opportunities to test different versions of their strategies before submitting their code for a formal competition. All submissions to challenge others and to the competition are via the website. Students also have access to online tutorials and an MIT technical support system.


ZRHS 2012 ESA Teams

Sorted by State
Team # Team Name City State
ZRHS #248 P.I.R. Team Elche Alicante
ZRHS #197 Herder-Berlin2012 Berlin Berlin
ZRHS #211 Helios Berlin Berlin
ZRHS #217 LazySpace Berlin Berlin
ZRHS #237 harnina_sky Almendralejo Extremadura / Badajoz
ZRHS #177 MajoLabGe Genova Genova
ZRHS #142 Kathe in Space Berlin- Prenzlauer Berg GERMANY
ZRHS #210 Aixtronuts Aachen GERMANY
ZRHS #251 Manchester Communication Academy Manchester Greater Manchester
ZRHS #198 Priory Team Hitchin Hertfordshire
ZRHS #132 Ferrarisusa_ZRC Susa ITALY
ZRHS #133 OLI-M24 Ivrea ITALY
ZRHS #134 Why Not Pinin Moncalieri ITALY
ZRHS #136 ROBOVALL Fossano (CN) - Italy ITALY
ZRAC #67 Sunday Programmers Padova ITALY
ZRHS #174 leonardo.reyneri torino Italy
ZRHS #176 Democrito Rome ITALY
ZRHS #187 GalileiVR Verona ITALY
ZRHS #188 Crab Nebula Livorno ITALY
ZRHS #208 robotic@scotton Bassano del Grappa (VI) italy
ZRHS #209 Fermi che girano Modena italy
ZRHS #220 Juggler Catania ITALY
ZRHS #230 Rainerum Robotics Bolzano Italy
ZRHS #267 SHD Dilsen Limburg
ZRHS #227 Uniformiter disformis Pozuelo de Alarcon Madrid (Spain)
ZRHS #261 Simãozinho Guimarães Minho (Portugal)
ZRHS #192 GKG Cologne NRW
ZRHS #244 Eschweiler Flame Birds Eschweiler NRW
ZRHS #235 AstroPenguins Padova Padova
ZRHS #250 Severi Good Star Padua Padua
ZRHS #269 Ferrari alla seconda Torino Piemonte
ZRHS #239 Atlantis Azores PORTUGAL
ZRHS #193 ISISS_games Morciano di Romagna Rimini
ZRHS #185 The Eagles Genzano di Roma Roma
ZRHS #183 FRISE Rome Rome
ZRHS #195 EPM Miguel de Guzmán Torrelodones SPAIN
ZRHS #252 Sui Generis Madrid SPAIN
ZRHS #238 Avoteam Torino TO
ZRHS #179 itisvittorioveneto vittorio veneto treviso
ZRHS #205 The Galaxy Montebelluna Treviso
ZRHS #150 BSix - Space Invaders London UNITED KINGDOM
ZRHS #181 Milky way II Gallarate Varese
ZRHS #182 Error 404 Domodossola VB
ZRHS #212 Emmaus goes zero g Rotterdam ZH

Game Manual

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Tournament Details

All tournament details will be available on the US Tournament page, including:
  • Leaderboard
  • Manual
  • Competition Results

Alliance Seeding ESA

The following table shows the final normalized alliance seeding scores from the 2D and 3D competition. The final score was calculated using:

NOTE: US results are available on the US tournament page.

Please use the Alliance Confirmation form to indicate your intent to participate as soon as possible. You must respond to participate in the Alliance phase.

Team Name2D Score3D ScoreFinal ScoreOverall Rank
Kathe in Space0.86070.93990.92014
BSix - Space Invaders0.89750.91920.91376
Crab Nebula0.84510.86890.8637
Uniformiter disformis0.78730.80740.80248
HAWK'S EYE0.69210.79350.768211
Sunday Programmers0.68680.74660.731714
The Galaxy0.75450.69490.709815
Why Not Pinin0.66820.71460.70316
Error 4040.48990.7170.660218
EPM Miguel de Guzm n0.82820.54110.612922
Ghost Pirates0.63270.57720.591124
Sui Generis0.51810.52680.524626
Ferrari alla seconda00.61010.457628
Rainerum Robotics00.44750.335630
Priory Team0.50150.23070.298431
Severi Good Star00034

Alliance Confirmation

Please use the form below to indicate your intent to participate in the draft day event. Only the team member that will be representing the team needs to complete the form.

Official ESA Alliances

Alliance Rank Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 ALLIANCE2012 #
1 Democrito (IT) LazySpace (DE) Why Not Pinin (IT) ALLIANCE2012 #1
2 Helios (DE) Uniformiter disformis (ES) Ghost Pirates (IT) ALLIANCE2012 #2
3 ROBOVALL (IT) Aixtronuts (DE) RoboNatta (IT) ALLIANCE2012 #3
4 Kathe in Space (DE) Sunday Programmers (IT) Herder-Berlin (DE) ALLIANCE2012 #4
5 AstroPenguins (IT) Atlantis (PT) Error 404 (IT) ALLIANCE2012 #5
6 BSix - Space Invaders (UK) Avoteam (IT) Ferrari alla seconda (IT) ALLIANCE2012 #6
7 Crab Nebula (IT) Sui Generis (ES) EPM Miguel de Guzm n (ES) ALLIANCE2012 #7
8 HAWK'S EYE (IT) Juggler (IT) OLI-M24 (IT) ALLIANCE2012 #8
9 robotic@scotton (IT) The Galaxy (IT) FRISE (IT) ALLIANCE2012 #9

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