MIT ISS Finals Event Attendance Survey

Hello ZR Teams,

This email is for teams traveling to MIT for the ISS Championships:

You are all invited to attend the ISS Championships at MIT that take place on Friday, 2014-Jan-17. To help us better organize the event, please fill out the following attendance survey if you plan to travel to MIT for the ISS Championships.

Only one person from each team (not alliance) should fill out the survey by 2014-Jan-6 17:00EST/22:00GMT.

Check to see if your team has already filled it out here:

Note that once you’ve submitted the survey, you should see three links on the “Thanks!” page. One of the links is “Edit your response”. ZR staff recommends that you Right-Click then select Copy Link Address, and then save the link somewhere handy so that you can re-visit it easily for any future changes you need to make to your response.  


Survey link here:

Looking forward to seeing all of you at the finals!

Happy holidays,
ZR Staff
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