Virtual Finals Invitation

Virtual Finals Invitation

We are excited to extend an invitation to all teams that submitted to the 2D Competition but did not qualify for the Alliance Phase to join the Zero Robotics 2013 Virtual Finals Competition.

An additional Leaderboard competition called "Virtual Finals" will be released at the same time that the Alliance Phase game is released.

The Virtual Finals Leaderboard will remain open until December 15th.

During the ISS finals the top 9 teams from the Virtual Finals Leaderboard will compete in a simulated version of the ISS finals and the simulations will be broadcast with commentary during ISS Loss of Signal periods. **The Virtual Finals will be an international competition between the top 9 teams overall on the Leaderboard. Unlike the ISS competition the Virtual Finals competition will not distinguish between US and EU teams**

The Virtual Finals winner will be announced during the ISS Finals Competition.


Eligibility for the Virtual Finals

Teams are eligible for the Virtual Finals if any of the following apply:

·      Submitted to the 2D competition only

·      Submitted to 3D competition but did not advance to Alliance Phase

·      Submitted to Alliance Phase but did not advance to the ISS finals


Virtual Finals Code Submission Deadline

The submission deadline for the Virtual Finals is December 15.


Game Modifications

The Virtual Finals game will be identical to the Alliance Phase game.


Format of the Competition

The Leaderboard results will be hidden from view for the last two days of the competition.  Teams will have the remaining two days to make additional strategy modifications without revealing them.  At 5pm EST/ 2pm PST/ 23:00CET on December 15th, the code submission will close.  Afterwards, MIT will run 10 simulation matches following the format of the US ISS competition (see section 3.6 of the current game manual).  During the ISS Finals, we will replay the individual matches with commentary during the live broadcast.


It is clear that all teams have been putting a lot of work into their submissions so far!   We look forward to seeing your new and creative solutions in these final rounds of the competition.

Good Luck!

Regards, The MIT ZR Team

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