Website Downtime

The Zero Robotics website was unavailable for most of this weekend because of server problems. It has been back up and stable since 12:30 PM EDT, Monday 7/8/13. 

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Ryan Hutchison
Was this something about an error glitch with line 37 because there is a ZR IDE glitch and i can't get passed the fact that it wont let me compile. I have re-written the script a few times and it still gives me the error. I think it is a problem with the ZR IDE itself... I'm not sure but i will be sending and e-mail about it. Please if anybody reads this... this is what it says:
Error loop 37 expected primary-expression before ‘.’ token
expected unqualified-id before ‘-’ token

And this is my code from 30-39 because this is the generic area of which i'm having problems:

30 else {
31 counter = (counter + 1);
32 }
34 }
36 }
38 return;

I was just wondering if the line 37 error was not because of the downtime but more as the downtime was an attempt to fix it. I don't know but i would like to. Please reply as this is important to me and i need to fix this!

Posted on 7/8/13 3:51 PM.

Ethan DiNinno
Please post this in the support forums or send it to with a project number or full code. The downtime had nothing to do with bugfixes.

Posted on 7/8/13 3:54 PM in reply to Ryan Hutchison.