2013 High School Tournament: Registration extension & changes

Bottom line: High School Registration extended to 2013-Sep-08, the 2D Competition will be practice, and new Tutorials coming in August.


Details: The Zero Robotics team received a lot of feedback from previous registrants that the learning curve may be steep for teams (schools/afterschool programs) that do not have a formal programing class. Our first reaction was to follow the lead of the Italian organizers, who require a "qualifier" as a tutorial. However, we realized that we do not have the materials and setup to run a US national "qualifier". Therefore, in our goal to encourage a substantial number of new teams (lets get to 200 this year!), we have:

  1. Removed the qualifier requirement
  2. Made the full 2D Competition, throughout September, a practice round which will not count towards elimination (but will still be a required submission to continue).
  3. Have assigned a team of five MIT students to rework the "Tutorials" section of the website

During this time we welcome the feedback from both past participants and new teams.

We will start to approve teams ASAP, so that we have an idea of registration so far. We are working out the details of the mini-grants for new teams - these have been approved, and we should be able to give them out in the August timeframe.

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William Gardner
is there any update on the status of the "minigrants"?

Posted on 9/5/13 2:26 PM.