If you're a middle school or high school student you've come to the right place! This year we're hosting a competition for US and ESA high school students. 

Active Tournaments

ZR Italian National Virtual Competition 2013

In Progress
Preliminary Competition:
Code due January 31, 2014 23:59 CET

High School Tournament 2014 (USA)

In Progress

Middle School Summer Program 2014

By Invitation Only

What is Zero Robotics?

"Zero Robotics" is a robotics programming competition where the robots are SPHERES satellites inside the International Space Station. The competition starts online, on this website, where teams compete to solve an annual challenge guided by mentors. As a student, having prior knowledge of programming is not mandatory. In fact we hope that you will pickup and improve your programming skills by participating in our Zero Robotics challenges! To find more about our program go to : About ZR

What do I need?

To use our tools:

To form a team:

  • Find at least four other students who have Zero Robotics accounts

  • Find A mentor affiliated with your school or program. Looking for a mentor? Try our forum

  • A place and time to meet on a regular basis. Your mentor should help with this.

  • No funding is required to join the program, but if your team qualifies for the final championship, you will need to raise funds to travel to MIT for the live ISS event. 

Getting Started

  • Register for one of our tournaments and show off your skills!
  • Once you have an account, you can play past games using the ZeroRobotics IDE.
  • Want to know more about writing programs?  Read our tutorials section.
  • Join the discussion forum to get help finding a mentor and other teammates to collaborate with.
  • Still have questions? Check out our FAQ section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do this if I don't know C++?

For many students, Zero Robotics is their first encounter with C++. We hope that we can provide you with an opportunity to learn C++ from our online material and by finding a good mentor that knows a bit about programming. Not everyone on the team needs to be a programmer either. Teams need strategists and schedule managers to function optimally. There's plenty to do!

Can graduating seniors participate in high school competitions?

Congratulations! Yes, graduating seniors can participate as mentors for their high school team.

How do I find a mentor?

Ask a teacher if they would be interested, you might have luck with someone who teaches computers, math or science. Alternatively, hang out in our discussion forum and ask around.

Do we have to use the online editor?

Nope! You can use any editor you want, including Visual Studio. To run a simulation you must use our online tools. You can just copy and paste into our editor.